PICK YOUR COLORS- Custom Sports Balls Garland- 100% Wool- 1" Felt Balls

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Use this listing to customize your own felted sports garland! Create your own garland to match your team or school colors. Sports shapes come in colors as shown, and then you can customize the colors of the felt balls.

Felt garlands are a sweet and elegant touch for any home, holiday or seasonal decorating. Our felt shapes are hand felted from 100% New Zealand wool. We assemble, carefully package, and ship out our final products from our studio in Perrysburg, Ohio.

♥ Felt balls measure approx. 1”. Footballs measure approx. 2.25-2.5" long. Basketballs, soccer balls, baseballs measure approx. 1.75"

♥ Felt shapes are moveable on the garland with gentle pressure so you can space and arrange them however you would like. Once in place, shapes will not move on their own.

♥ On the final arranged product, the balls will not be touching- they will be spaced approx. 2-3” apart.

♥ Garland comes as one single strand, or you can use two separate strands to create the double strand look.

♥ Handcrafted and ecofriendly, made from natural & renewable resources.


**PLEASE NOTE: Length is of the STRING itself, NOT the total length of the 1" balls if pushed together! Each ball measures 1", and there will be approx. 2" of string BETWEEN each shape when they are all spaced out on the string. When pushed together, shapes will take up approx. 1/3 of the total string length**

♥ 6 ft (1.8 m) = 21 balls + 4 sports shapes (25 total shapes)
♥ 8 ft (2.4 m) = 28 balls + 5 sports shapes (33 total shapes)
♥ 10 ft (3 m) = 35 balls + 6 sports shapes (41 total shapes)

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